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Tyler TX takes its name from President John Tyler. This city had a population of 96,900 in 2010, according to the United States Census Bureau. Tyler’s 2014 estimated population is 107,405. It is ninety miles southeast of Dallas Texas. 

Tyler Texas has the nickname “Rose Capital of the World.” It gained this name due to the large quantity of rose bushes processed through the area, along with hosting America’s largest rose garden.

Tyler is also home to the Caldwell Zoo and Broadway Square Mall. As a regional educational and technology center, Tyler is the host for more than 20,000 higher education students, a College of Engineering, and a University Health Science Center, two regional, billion-dollar hospital systems, and a variety of technology startups.

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How to Select a Tyler TX Pest Control Company:

1. Qualifications of staff. This is very important. Technicians much have current licenses with the right classification for the job. If possible, verify licensing by calling the state pesticide regulatory office. Is the company staff informed on current regulations, safety, products, and techniques? Having a certified entomologist on staff is essential.

2. Experience of the company. Ask how long the company has been in business, as well as the amount of experience the company has with handling pest problems like yours.

3. Reputation of the company. You can rely on the recommendations of family members, friends, colleagues, or even neighbors. Avoid relying on adverts to find information about the company. You can contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for information on complaints, recent violations, or unresolved issues. Ask them for customer references.

4. Value for money. Ask the company if they can offer estimates for services. Getting estimates from more than one tyler tx pest control company will help you compare rates and services. Does the company offer a guarantee for work done? What are their terms?

5. Evaluate their customer service. How do they listen to concerns and address the issues raised by customers? Do they agree to discuss product selection or other details of the pest treatment? How do employees handle customer inquiry?

6. Safety. This is often ignored but it is very important. What low-toxicity options are available and how do they reduce environmental risks? They must have insurance to cover not only you and your property, but also their employees as well. Do they wear protective equipment when working? What measures do they have in place to prevent unnecessary accidents or exposures?

Contact and interview various Tyler TX pest control companies, and don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as possible. Weigh your pest and treatment options. Successful pest control requires seamless communication and maximum cooperation between you and the company staff. Asking questions will ensure that you fully understand the treatment process and your responsibilities in ensuring it is a success.

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