Fighting June Bugs in East Texas

Select Pest Control is here to provide you with effective solutions to fighting June bugs in East Texas. Read on to discover the problems associated with June bugs and how Select Pest Control can help.

  • Garden Damage: June bugs have a voracious appetite for plants, making your garden their ideal feeding ground. Their larvae, known as white grubs, feed on grassroots, damaging lawns, gardens, and ornamental plants. This can lead to brown patches, withering plants, and even death in severe cases. Select Pest Control offers targeted treatments that control June bug populations, protecting your garden and preserving its beauty.
  • Tree and Shrub Impact: June bugs are not just a threat to your garden; they can also cause significant damage to trees and shrubs. Adult June bugs feed on the foliage, leaving behind chewed leaves and unsightly damage. This can lead to long term problems with the trees in your lawn or the well being of your garden as previously stated.
  • Attracted to Lights: One of the biggest nuisances of June bugs is their attraction to lights at night. They can swarm around outdoor light fixtures, creating an annoyance for homeowners. Additionally, these swarms can infiltrate your home if there are open windows or cracks, leading to an unwelcome presence indoors. Select Pest Control can implement effective strategies to deter June bugs from congregating around your property and provide solutions to seal potential entry points.
  • Structural Damage: While June bugs primarily target plants, they can also cause harm to structures. If left unchecked, June bug larvae may find their way into the soil near your foundation, potentially causing damage to the structure over time. Select Pest Control specializes in identifying and treating these issues, ensuring the integrity of your home remains intact.

Don’t let June bugs take over your property and wreak havoc on your home and garden. Select Pest Control is your trusted partner in combating June bug problems. With our targeted treatments and expert knowledge, we can protect your garden from their voracious appetite, mitigate damage to trees and shrubs, and address their attraction to lights. Contact Select Pest Control today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a June bug-free environment.

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