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Let our mosquito treatment save you from this unwanted scenario:

As the sun sets and you look forward to enjoying your outdoor spaces, there’s one unwelcome guest that threatens to spoil the fun: mosquitoes. These tiny yet pesky insects are not only a nuisance but can also carry serious diseases. Don’t let mosquitoes take control of your property and your peace of mind. Introducing Select Pest Control’s Mosquito Service – a comprehensive solution to keep these unwanted intruders at bay. With our targeted treatments and expert techniques, you can reclaim your outdoor haven and protect your loved ones. Read on to discover how our Mosquito Service can transform your outdoor experience.

Creating a Barrier Against Mosquitoes

The necessity of a mosquito-free atmosphere is something we at Select Pest Control are aware of, especially during the hot summer evenings. Our mosquito service is made to build a barrier of defense around your property, giving mosquitoes no chance.

This is how our mosquito treatment goes:

1. Pre-Spray Walk: Our skilled team performs a pre-spray walk of your property to identify key mosquito resting areas. We target these spots, such as the undersides of leaves, damp shady areas, and under wood decks, to effectively disrupt their habitats. 

2. Thorough Vegetation Treatment: Our experienced technicians will treat all the vegetation on your property, including dense shrubby plants and other potential resting spots for mosquitoes. This comprehensive approach establishes a barrier that prevents mosquitoes from infiltrating your space. 

3. All Done in 30 Minutes: Our top priority is protecting your property against mosquitoes, but we also make sure you receive the necessary spraying. With our degree of expertise and knowledge of where to spray, we complete the task quickly to ensure that you have our home back in good condition in no time. 

Taking Action Against Diseases Spread by using Mosquito Treatments

Because of the diseases they spread, mosquitoes pose a major risk to your health in addition to being annoying. Mosquitoes are known to spread diseases such the West Nile virus, Eastern and Western equine encephalitis, heart-worm, malaria (in tropical climates), dengue fever, yellow fever, and rift valley fever. It’s important to safeguard your family, pets, and visitors from these health risks, and our mosquito treatment is essential to attaining that objective.

The Select Pest Control Advantage

Select Pest Control has years of expertise offering pest control in Tyler, TX and surrounding areas. Our pest control reviews speak for themselves like this review from Drew and Kellie Dell:

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Jeff and Jessica are a wonderful team! Very prompt and knowledgeable about pests. We recently added their mosquito service for our yard and have been 100% pleased! We can now enjoy spending time outside without having to worry about applying bug spray every time. Haven’t seen a mosquito yet! Highly recommend them for all your pest control needs.

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