Mosquito Service

mosquito-treatment-tyler-tx Are you ready to enjoy a mosquito FREE yard?
Then you came to the right place!

We’ll come out and treat the affected area. One of our techs will treat all the vegetation on your property which will create a barrier. 

Our goal in doing a pre-spray walk of the property is to seek out the areas where mosquitoes will be resting. The most common areas to find mosquitoes during the day and night will include: the underside of the leaves of dense/shrubby plants, under wood decks and in damp shady areas of the property. We do recommend that you keep your grass short during the mosquito season. In some cases such as special events like weddings and large outdoor parties, we will spray the grass where your guests will be.

Mosquitoes are known carriers of several diseases including West Nile Virus (West Nile Encephalitis), Eastern and Western Equine Encephalitis, Heart worm, Malaria (Tropical areas), Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Rift Valley Fever.

Bottom line: Get rid of them when possible.

After 30 minutes of our treatment, you’ll get to enjoy a mosquito free yard.
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